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GGSPro Events

November 10

Insect and Mite Control

An understanding of pest biology and cultural controls serve to make pest control programs more effective. Informed pesticide decisions lead to sound resistance management strategies and integrated pest management practices. Recently registered pesticides will be included with some information on biological control agents and compatible pesticides.

Root & Crown Diseases

Gain the upper hand on root & crown diseases with tips for early identification. Learn how cultural factors can work with fungicide use to decrease incidence of disease. Discover how to maximize microbial fungicide options. We’ll review the most effective chemical fungicides along with rotation strategies to minimize the risk of developing resistance.

November 17

Foliar Disease Control

Take a deep dive into prevention and control of foliar diseases including Botrytis, Rhizoctonia, fungal and bacterial leaf spots, mildews and more. Get detailed fungicide rotation strategies, cultural best practices and practical prevention tips for growers at every level.

Crop Nutrition- Myth Busting

Research has challenged some long-held greenhouse nutrition principles. The result is the opportunity to grow beautiful crops with less fertilizer, PGRs and pest control products. Sounds too good to be true. This session examines the proof and then applies these principles to benefit your growing operation.